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The Ordinary General Meeting of INESC P&D Brasil, which was held on 19 March in São Paulo, was attended by representatives of the four associated universities and had the participation by videoconference of José Manuel Mendonça, Chairman of INESC TEC’s Board.

The Board’s Chairman, Vladimiro Miranda, globally described the activity of the Institute, highlighting the exponential growth of the results in the past five years. The expected activity for 2019 includes a budget of more than R$ 12 million for the implementation of projects and the distribution of more than 200 research grants of various kinds. The developed projects, which involve the majority of the 15 universities that are currently part of the INESC Brasil’s Network, are distributed among basic research projects, projects with companies and projects integrated in the R&D frameworks of the European Union and its collaboration with Brazil.

The President also announced the next inauguration, which will take place in May, of the first Laboratory of the CITI network – Centros de Integração de Tecnologias para a Inovação do INESC P&D Brasil (in English Centres for the Integration of Innovation Technologies of INESC P&D Brasil). It is the LABPRO – Laboratório de Prototipagem de Equipamentos Elétricos (in English Laboratory for the Prototyping of Electrical Equipment), which will be based in Barueri (São Paulo), in the facilities of the company HART, also having the cooperation in its incorporation of the companies EDP Brasil, ENERGISA and ITB. It will serve all the members of the INESC Brasil Network, in the implementation of prototypes for their research and development projects, supporting the much-needed transfer of technology to companies that contract and disseminate the results of the academic research.

The General Assembly unanimously approved the Activity and Annual Reports, the Budget Plan for 2019 and the six-year Strategic Plan submitted by the Board. It also approved the admission of four new partners, bringing to eight the number of universities that became legal entities of INESC P&D Brasil, an entity that the Brazilian law only allowed to be adopted starting from 2017 with the publication of the new Legal Framework for Higher Education.

Photo credits: INESC P&D Brasil