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The INESC P&D Brasil


INESC P&D Brazil is a non-governmental Scientific and Technological Institution, constituted as a nonprofit private association, aiming together with the Brazilian public universities and the Institute of Systems Engineering and Computers Technology and Science of Portugal (INESC TEC), to coordinate a network of cooperation in research, development and technology transfer in Brazil.

INESC P&D Brazil has an innovation model similar the one used in Europe, in special by INESC TEC, adhering to Brazilian reality. A model based on science, considering others conceptual levels, from the conception till the knowledge value, providing integration of Brazilian universities in multidisciplinary projects.

The Emergence of INESC P&D Brasil
INESC P&D Brasil emerged from a common purpose and interests stimulated by the Brazilian’s presence on INESC TEC, and many Brazilian entities, in special universities and companies who collaborate in research and development projects, in advanced consulting and also in technological business cooperation between incubated companies by INESC Porto and Brazilian universities.

In the field of Electric Power Systems, based on projects of P&D (Research and Development) with concessionaries of electricity sector, funded by ANEEL’s program, led by Brazilian universities in which INESC Porto took part as subcontracted, in special on States of Pará, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and the wide experience gained with many Brazilian agents like ONS – National Operator of Electricity System, where developed several significant activities, with emphasis on the regulations in force in Brazil relating to the connection of distributed generation and renewable to the electricity grids, conceived by a team of Portuguese institution’s specialists.

Besides these activities in Brazil, INESC TEC has for many years, welcome students of PhD and researchers in PhD, coming from many Brazilian universities, from Pará (north, Brazil) to Rio Grande do Sul (south, Brazil), and spreads to the various knowledge areas covered by the institution. To complement, on the Brazilians university works at the moment professors, which doctoral degree was achieved after years of working to INESC TEC or did extended post-doc training, in particular on areas of Energy, Telecommunications and Optoelectronic. Referencing entities like the Federal University of Pará (UFPA), Pontifícia University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUC-RS), Engineering Federal University of Itajubá (UNIFEI) or the State University of São Paulo Júlio Mesquita Filho (UNESP).

In this context, the Brazilian universities and INESC TEC, Associated Laboratory of Portuguese State coordinated by the legal entity INESC Porto, decided to create a network of cooperation in research, development and technology transfer, having its head office in Brazil, called Rede INESC Brasil which is managed by a non-profit private association, denominated INESC P&D Brazil – Engineering Institute of Systems and Computers, Research & Development of Brazil.

The INESC BRASIL’s partners basically are Public Brazilian Universities and INESC TEC, joined by an agreement regulating the terms and modalities of international cooperation in which they propose to act together.

The different aspect of INESC Brazil of the others cooperation’s network traditional models, is the management model of science and technology – inspired by the European Union’s model, which is current and official in Portugal, based on a nonprofit private association which ensures the strategic coordination and financial reason. This association consists in by the INESC Brazil’s partners who feel capable and have a vocation to adhere it.


The strategic guideline of development for INESC P&D Brasil (IB) is subordinated to the expansion of its present activities through its business areas. To Identify research needs, development and innovation (R, D&I) in structural sectors of Brazilian’s society, undergoes to an intense interaction between ICTs, as the INESC P&D Brasil and companies. For this reason, this guideline is supported by three strategics:

  • Identification of market niches to PD&I actions;
  • Activities Development of sustainable PD&I;
  • Stimulate Growth Activities of PD&I on Brazilian Industrial Sector.

This strategic line is based on the split of the Brazilian market in three specific market niches of “potential clients”. Thus, the ANs from IB operate in three distinct market niches, aiming to maximize the institute structure. These niches are represented by three different kinds of Brazilian entities:


Typology of the entities which provides resources for the PD&I project development.

  • Fostering Agency: The performance together with these entities happens through the participation in public notice fostering the model of P, D&I which INESC P&D Brazil has been implemented in Brazil, and it is based on the Seventh framework Programs of European Union.

    • Objective: To Boost research and technological development of quality in Brazil.
  • Type I Companies: companies that are forced by the law to perform investments in P&D, aiming to accomplish, what are determined by these laws with the highest gain possible.
    • To enforce the Law through the effective research performance, development and innovation in an efficient way with feedback to companies
  • Type II Companies: companies that ARE NOT forced by law to perform investments in P&D, but also have research and technological development needs and are authorized to make investment in partnership with ICTs.
    • Improve the performance, productivity, profit, competitive advantage, the aggregate value with a focus on development and innovation.