FASTEN Vita Project

Projections of a worsening pandemic due to COVID-19 point to the likely strangulation of the national health system, with the[...]


Funded by the Brazilian Agency of Industrial Development (ABDI-SECINT/Ministry of Economy), the project called IND4FIBRE got started in this month[...]

ROV Project

The Project named “Development of Remotely Operated Mechatronic Systems for Cleaning and Inspection of Stanchion and Sealing Threshold of Hydroelectric[...]

QEE Project

On October 2018, the project Development of an electricity quality monitoring system and decision making in transmission lines got started.[...]


In September 2017, the project named Automated data gathering and intelligent data analysis for the gauging of liquid and solid[...]

F-Loco Project

The main goal of the “F-LOCO – Fault Location Optimization” Project is to develop a system for the location of[...]

TECCON2 Project

The project named “Technology for Intelligent Energy Networks – TECCON 2” has the goal of enhancing the efficiency, reliability and[...]

RADAR Project

The project Recloser with Advanced Distributed Intelligence Functions for Network Automation (RADAR) started in April 2018. With a duration of[...]

FASTEN Project

The project “Flexible and Autonomous Manufacturing Systems for Custom-Designed Products” (FASTEN) aims to develop, demonstrate and validate an additive manufacturing[...]

ITCity Project

ITCity – An ICT platform for sustainable energy ecosystem in smart Cities The ITCity project is aimed at responding to[...]

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