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Tariff and compensation mechanisms for dispersed consumers with seasonal loads

Projeto Mecanismos Tarifários

The main objective of the project “Tariff and compensation mechanisms for dispersed and seasonally loaded consumers” (ANEEL Code: PD-00396-3077/2021) is to develop an appropriate tariff treatment for consumers with a seasonal load profile, specifically irrigation users. served medium-voltage customers in the concession area of RGE Sul (a company in the CPFL Energia group). Complementary to this, there are also plans to define mechanisms for addressing compensation without compromising tariff modicity or increasing cross-subsidies, especially in markets with seasonal or highly dispersed consumption.

The project is being carried out in ANEEL’s Research and Development environment, with RGE SUL as the proponent and SiglaSul Regulation Consultants and INESC P&D Brasil as the executors. SiglaSul is in charge of all regulatory aspects and tariff mechanism definitions, while INESCP&D Brasil is in charge of developing the computational tool to simulate the tariff and compensation alternatives defined by the regulatory experts. Innovare Pesquisa and Mega Tecnologia are also taking part in the project: the former carried out the field research with consumers; the latter provided support in data processing.