Project BJT Marcelo Petry

Robotic Inspection Lab: Design and Pilot Project The growing concentration of people in the cities has created the need of[...]

A Platform for recommendation

A Platform for Automatic Recommendation of Points of Interest in Brazilian Cities: Architecture and Pilot Project The tourism sector in[...]

Smart electrical grids

Smart electrical grids with Integration of distributed generation and Renewables: The term “smart grid” has come to describe the next-generation[...]


Smart Grids based on Fiber Optic Sensors for instrumentation of Structures and Electrical Components in Power Systems. The research project[...]

Project BJT Ana Pinto

Development of Sensors and Interrogation Systems for Pressure and/or Displacement Measurement using Microstructured Fibers and its Integration in Electrical Bioimpedance[...]

NNEmerge Project

MNEmerge is a collaborative research project funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration[...]

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