Project BJT Marcelo Petry

Robotic Inspection Lab: Design and Pilot Project


The growing concentration of people in the cities has created the need of building a wide range of infrastructure and urban services. Currently, the safety and quality of life are directly related to the proper operation of structures such as power plants, dams, electrical grids, refineries, mines, oil platforms, bridges, among others.

Being the inspection procedure the main mechanism used to assess the safety of urban equipment, it is essential to develop reliable and efficient inspection techniques. The project entitled “Robotic Inspection lab: Design and Pilot Project “presents a solution to the infrastructure inspection procedure through the creation of inspection tools based on robotics. In this context, the project is based on two general objectives:

1. Design of a robotics inspection lab to ensure excellence through the development of scientific and technological knowledge, fostering to technology transfer, innovation, creation of training opportunities.

2. Development of the pilot project of a structure’s inspection system characterized by the use of multiple robots operating in a distributed manner.The robots will be able to climb vertical surfaces of several types of structures and assist the management teams of critical systems in the assessment of infrastructures.

The project activities are organized in 10 modules, which generate the following products:
• Organization of workshops on robotics inspection;
• Conception of robotic inspection lab;
• Architectural conceptualization of the robotic platform and modeling in a simulated environment;
• Software for visual analysis of failures in metal and concrete structures;
• Implementation of robotic inspection lab;
• Developmentof prototype of a robot climber;
• Development of the alpha version of robotic inspection system;
• Final report and demonstrative workshop;

Entities Involved

UFJF – Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora Brasil
INESC P&D Brasil Brasil
Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior Brasil