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CPqD joins INESC P&D Brasil’s partnership network


On 1 July, the Centre for Research and Development in Telecommunications (CPqD), one of the biggest R&D centres of Latin America, mostly operating in the areas of telecommunications and information technologies, joined INESC P&D Brasil’s network. The agreement was signed during a visit of the Directors of INESC P&D Brasil to CPqD, led by the Chairman of the Institute, Vladimiro Miranda, also a collaborator of INESC TEC.

“This is an important partnership, which is aligned with the open innovation and the focus on collaboration, one of the values of CPqD’s transformation process”, highlighted the Innovation Director, Paulo Curado, who welcomed the group of visitors. “There are good cooperation opportunities between institutions, especially in projects in areas of common interest such as electrical energy and smart agriculture, for example,” added the Director.

Through this agreement, CPqD and INESC P&D Brasil will have the opportunity to develop joint projects, using support programmes or through external contracts either at a national or international level. The initiative also anticipates the sharing of human and laboratory resources for research, development and innovation actions.

For Vladimiro Miranda, CPqD’s proximity to the market and its needs is one of the factors that make this partnership particularly important for INESC P&D Brasil. “Companies don’t want technology, they want solutions. And INESC P&D Brasil has the ability to identify the necessary skills to develop a project that will create a solution to the problem”, explained the researcher. In the innovation management model adopted by the entity, which reproduces the European model, the contracting of the project is made before INESC P&D Brasil, which then becomes responsible for obtaining these skills in several areas within its partnership network.

The researcher mentioned in this news piece is associated with UP-FEUP.