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INESC P&D Brasil participated in the “Workshop Liderança 4.0: a Liderança na Era Digital” (in English “Workshop on Leadership 4.0: Leadership in the Digital Era”), led by the company C3GI – Consultoria de Gestão, com foco em Pessoas e Inovação (in English C3GI – Management Consulting focusing on People and Innovation), which took place on 15 March.

This initiative resulted from the need to value people in an organisation, who are considered to be one of the most important assets, along with their attitudes, behaviours, knowledge and skills. According to the organisation of the event, the role of the human resources is already a reality, being necessary to the change and to the fulfilment of goals.

In this regard, the workshop was essentially targeted to professionals who work at INESC P&D Brasil in its various areas, aiming at allowing its collaborators the possibility to become better, both at a professional and personal levels.

Besides focusing on the improvement of the management of people, this workshop focused on the self-knowledge of the professionals, helping in identifying behavioural and leadership profiles, as well as communication patterns.