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INESC P&D BRAZIL signs an agreement of thecnical cooperation with Chilean University

The Metropolitan Technological University (UTEM), from Chile, recently joined the INESC Brazil Network, which is a cooperative network managed by INESC P&D Brasil.

On July 23, 2014, the Executive Director of INESC P&D Brazil, Alexandre Rocco, met with the rector, Luis Pinto faveiro, and with the administration council of the Metropolitan Technological University – UTEM in Santiago, Chile, to formalize agreement of technical cooperation and academic development. At the meeting, the executive Director presented the structure of INESC P&D Brazil, its historic concept, mission and objectives, main activities, network components, research and business platforms as well as the main areas of interest and possible project developments through this agreement.

At the meeting, the rector of UTEM, Luis Pinto faveiro, motivated by the presentation, expressed interest in proposals for cooperation between the two institutions, requesting to all partitipants, ready arrangements for the success of the undertaking, in order to generate effective partnership opportunities.

The cooperation agreement between UTEM and INESC P&D Brasil, aims to establish contracts focused on research projects and development of common interest, provision of technical assistance and academic training, project development of strong scientific and technological impact for companies, authorities and government of Chile, through the various angencies of financing available.

The Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana – UTEM is an institution of higher education and independent state belonging to the state of Chile, installed in the metropolitan region of Santiago and has as its mission the training of people with high academic ability and professional skils in the technology field, based on the generation, transfer, application and diffusion of knowledge and applied research. Its history dates back to 1981, when the state of Chile created 16 new entities of higher education. The UTEM consists of three campuses in the metropolitan region of Santiago, receiving the annual admission of about 1,400 new students in the different technological areas of its structure. The UTEM integrates the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities, and the Consortium of Universities of the State of Chile.

To formalize the meeting the agreement was attended by the persons indicated in the photo below.

From left to right: Alejandro Velasquez (Director of National and International Relations of the UTEM), Jorge Charlin (Consultant of INESC P&D Brasil in Chile), Mario Torres (Vice Rector for Technology Transfer and Extension UTEM), Crescente Urrutia (Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, UTEM), Alexander Rocco (Executive Director of INESC P&D Brasil), Luis Pinto Faveiro (Rector of UTEM), Fernando Ulloa Vásquez (Director of the Research Center, Faculty of Engineering, UTEM), Ángel Fernández (Director of the School of Electronic Engineering of UTEM), Juan José Negroni (Director of the Department of Electricity of UTEM), Hugo Durney Wassaf (Director of Research and Academic Development UTEM).