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INESC P&D Brasil celebrates 10th anniversary with face-to-face event in Brasilia


With the theme “Internationalisation and management of science, technology and innovation — a strategic reflection”, the event dedicated to celebrating INESC P&D Brasil’s 10th anniversary brought together representatives of universities, companies, institutes and entities part of Brazil’s science, technology and innovation sectors. The initiative aimed to discuss the future, while recalling milestones of the institute’s first decade of activities.

The event focused on the future, particularly on topics relevant to science, technology and innovation, promoting a discussion about the role of different actors in the search for solutions to address society’s challenges. Throughout the session, the participants recalled key-moments of INESC P&D Brasil, like the establishment of the Institute or the signing of the first collaboration agreement by a rector.

With a view to the future, and while exploring the strategy for the upcoming years, a transnational challenge emerged. “We thought about a potential challenge to Brazil: to establish a transnational institution,” said INESC P&D Brasil’s Chairman, Vladimiro Miranda, referring to the future of the organisation. Based in Brazil, the institution relied on the involvement of Brazilian and Portuguese associated entities, according to a European management model, which would allow the promotion of joint projects with the participation of Brazil, European countries and South America.

After the initial presentation, there was a debate about internationalisation and management of science, technology and innovation, with relevant contributions from the rectors and other representatives of the institutions present. One of the points under discussion was the challenge of how to improve the students and researchers’ connection to the industry, and how they could benefit from incentives provided by private institutions for the development of projects.

The session took place in early June, at the National Association of Directors of Higher Education Institutions (ANDIFES) and was attended by the Chairman of INESC TEC’s Board of Directors, José Manuel Mendonça; the Ambassador of Portugal in Brasilia, Luís Faro Ramos; the Diplomat for Education Matters, Tiago Rodrigues; the President of ANDIFES, Marcos David; the President of FAPESC, Fabio Zabot Holthausen; the representatives of MCTI, Carlos Alberto Fernandes and Pedro Renan de Oliveira; the Coordinator of Postgraduate programmes and the Coordinator of the Secretariat for International and Interinstitutional Cooperation of UDESC, Alexandre Tadeu Paulino and Julia Vieira Rodrigues Bittencourt, respectively; the Vice-Dean of Extension and the Rector of UTFPR, Rubens Alexandre de Farias and Marcos Schiefler Filho; the Deputy Secretary of International Support of UFSM, Júlio César Cossio Rodriguez; the Vice-Rector of International Affairs of UNESP, Guilherme de Paula Nogueira; the Chairman, the Director of Science and Technology, and the Executive Director of INESC P&D Brasil, Vadimiro Miranda, Mauro da Rosa and Francisco da Piedade, respectively.

The INESC TEC researcher mentioned in this news piece is associated with UP–FEUP.