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INESC P&D Brasil is introduced to the Smart Grid Center of TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY


INESC P&D Brazil (IB) joined the anual evaluation meeting of the Smart Grid Center Advisory Board at the Texas A&M University and was introduced to the advisory board. IB was represented by the researcher Prof. Dr. Roberto da Piedade Francisco, reasearcher of IB. On this occasion, the goals and projects of the IB were presented. The Project MedFasee was also presented to the advisory center by Rodoldo Białecki Leandro, an Electrical Engineering PhD student at UFSC. This initiative strengthens the link of IB with international universities and research institutes.

This meeting occurred on the scope of the project Special Visiting Professor of Prof. Kesunovic, supported by CNPq, which aims to: 1) Improve the Synchrophasors measurement infrastructure installed in different spots of the Brazilian network; 2) Implement a research environment to use OpenPMU and OpenPDC platforms that allows free exchange and comparison of research results related to the measurement algorithms; 3) Develop a Web-based portal that will facilitate collaboration on research and information exchange between Brazil (UFSC), Portugal (INESC TEC) and USA (Texas A & M University); 4) Training the next generation of researchers with extensive experience and knowledge in this area, which will transfer this expertise to both the Academy and industry.