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The PRO P&D Laboratory, which was inaugurated on 15 May, is a joint initiative of INESC P&D Brasil with EDP Brasil and other industrial partners. It was made possible in the Research and Development environment of the Brazilian National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL).

The PRO P&D Laboratory is the first CITI: Centro de Integração de Tecnologias para a Inovação (in English Centre for the Integration of Innovation Technologies). CITI are a concept created by INESC P&D Brasil, which seeks the convergence between multidisciplinary competencies existing in the Universities of the INESC Brasil Network and sectors of the economy or market for the innovation in projects with a technology readiness level.

The Pro P&D Laboratory, which is located in Alphaville, in São Paulo, is an innovative concept of a collaborative and shared laboratory for development and prototyping. It has a wide range of equipment and human resources that can help accelerate the development of prototypes and inventions. The target audience are the industrial sponsors themselves, research partners, university and research centres, independent inventors and startups.

PRO P&D is a joint action that combines the efforts of a research institute with a connection with the academia, an industrial development partner and industrial sponsors.