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INESC P&D Brazil organizes Workshop on Strategic Planning


The first “Workshop on Strategic Planning of INESC P & D Brazil (IB)” took place in Florianópolis, on 4th and 5th September. The objective of this workshop was to establish lines of scientific orientation of IB research areas, define the needs of human and material resources for the coming months of 2014 and for the year 2015, and also establish the future vision of the IB for 2020. The planning exercise brought together all members of the research areas of IB, with representation of the NETWORK INESC Brasil points.

As an immediate result of the workshop, the lines were traced to investigate each area of IB, representing the main efforts of the teams in prospecting projects. Thus, in the area of research on Environment and Health, the theme of Water Sustainability has a prominent place. With two project initiatives related to water distribution companies in two different Brazilian regions (Midwest and South), and expect to start in November this year, the team is motivated to start a process of technological integration in this sector. In the field of robotics and sensors, the most immediate needs are technologies for application in oil exploration in deep waters. Regarding the area of Energy and Production, inserting intelligence in electrical equipment is the theme that will motivate the development of theses and essays of the largest team of IB. Finally, in the area of Computer and Communication, the bet is also to explore technologies for deep waters.

During the workshop priority areas to focus efforts on exploration projects, types of projects, identifying themes of doctoral thesis and masters for the development of human resources were established, and the form of action to conduct the maintenance of cooperation with all the partner universities.

Attended the workshop: Paulo César Lima (Federal University of Vale do São Francisco), Carlos Gouveia (Federal University of Campina Grande), Serge Mendonça (Federal University of Itajubá), Leonardo Bremermann, Issicaba Diego, Rodrigo Braga, Marcelo Petry and Mauro Rosa (Federal University of Santa Catarina), Dalva Magro and Ana Pinto (State University of Santa Catarina), Renan Maciel (Federal University Fluminense), Paula Albuquerque and Luciana Cabral (Secretary-IB), Marcos Domingues (University of São Paulo – Campus St. Carlos), Hermes Monego and Maurici Monego (Federal Technological University of Paraná), Roberto Piedade (Federal University of Goiás), Susana Viana (University of Campinas) and Shigeaki Lima (Federal University of Maranhão).