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INESC R&D Brazil brings in debates about science management and a more sustainable future in a panel at SBSE 2022


During the IX Brazilian Symposium on Electric Systems (SBSE 2022) the panel “Science management and sustainability in R&D activity in Brazil” took place, held with the participation of INESC R&D Brazil. Several aspects of the proposed topic were analyzed and debated during the meeting. Held near Santa Maria, in Rio Grande do Sul, this year’s symposium took place between July 10 and 13 and it was organized by the Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM) and the University of Vale do Rio dos Sinos (UNISINOS). The panel, which happened on the 12th, is one of the events celebrating the institute’s 10th anniversary.

The presentation brought to the debate the possibility of using the results of the projects to shape a more sustainable future, highlighting the results achieved, giving more freedom and reducing the bureaucratic burden on researchers. After the initial part, a discussion took place about the sustainability of technological research, its sources, and how it is not possible for it to be sustained by upstream funding alone. Aspects of ANEEL’s new IDP program and the regulation of remuneration in R&D activities were also addressed.

ANEEL’s expert in utility regulation, Dr. Carmen Sanches, explains that the meaning of research sustainability would be a project or an action that brings as a characteristic a continuous use of the results that can be assured and tested after the completion of the project and the action. ” it should seek not only the harnessing of knowledge, or the dissemination of the results to stakeholder groups, but also to add value and really seek change and renewal, as well as positively impacting society,” she advises.

According to one of the organizers of the panel and researcher associated with INESC R&D Brazil, Gabriel Bolacell, the presentation was seen with good eyes by the SBSE 2022 participants, and gave the opportunity for researchers involved in the Symposium to discuss science management and research sustainability, with the regulatory agencies of R&D activities in Brazil. “Panels such as the one proposed in the SBSE enable the identification of new routes, nationally, for the improvement of science management and sustainability of R&D&I, noting what companies, which invest in R&D projects, actually expect as results of the investments made in activities of this nature,” he concluded.

Moreover, the panel had the participation of the Science director of FAPERGS, Dr. Rafael Roesler, the expert in public services regulation from ANEEL, Dr. Carmen Sanches, technical advisor of the department of structures and projects of MCTI, Dr. Pedro Renan, secretary of structures and projects of MCTI, Dr. Marcelo Meirelles, the technical director of TBE, Dr. Paulo Nepomuceno and the director of AGITTEC from UFSM, Dr. Daniel Bernardon, besides the President Director of INESC R&D Brazil, Vladimiro Miranda.