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Congestion prediction of communications during the World Cup


During the world cup, voice communication and mobiles data may face problems of slowness. With the emergence of 3G and 4G tablets and smartphones among Brazilians, we expect an explosion in data traffic across the country. According to telecom operators is expected for the year 2014 consumption of the order of dozens of gigabytes (GB).

A good reason for this can be attributed to the World Cup taking place in June / July 2014. According to some experts, if Brazil had chosen to improve the 3G network, already widely used in the country, instead of investing in the development of 4G, the country would have a more robust 3G network that would be a legacy, benefiting the population as a whole. On the other hand, we must invest in technological advances so that we can move towards to the top of the technology. In addition, the 4G network will not be any quicker, because it is a network to attend only 1% of population. That is, few Brazilians will benefit from this new network. Moreover, the new network is also not useful for foreign, because the Brazilian 4G works in different frequency than that of other countries. Thus, the tourist who has a 4G handset will probably use the 3G network during their stay in Brazil. It is expected for the year 2016 the auction of compatible frequencies in the range of 700 MHz, which will be assumed 4G compatible.

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