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Smart insulator prototype successfully installed in Brazil


The first prototype of the smart insulator produced within the scope of the project “TECCON II – Technology for Smart Energy Grids” was successfully installed on July 19, in a 230 kV transmission line located in the municipality of Abdon Batista, in the state of Santa Catarina (Brazil).

The prototype is an excellent insulating solution, equipped with optical sensors that enable the measurement of electric current, traction and temperature in the conductor – data previously ignored during the operation process, at different points in the line. The proposal also includes a remote monitoring system available at the Lages substation, in the municipality of Lages, in the state of Santa Catarina (Brazil), located 70 kilometres away from Abdon Batista. With a friendly interface, the system presents the thermal, mechanical and electrical quantities measured at the point of installation of the smart insulator, in addition to the climatic quantities measured by a meteorological station installed in the tower. The data transmission takes place between the two points, through an optical cable network.

TECCON II comprehends a multidisciplinary team, with the participation of researchers from different fields i.e. photonics, instrumentation, communication, computing, power systems, management and innovation management. In addition to INESC P&D Brasil, the entity leading the project – within the R&D programme of Transmissoras Brasileiras de Energia (TBE) – , and INESC TEC, the consortium includes the Federal University of Campina Grande, the Federal University of Pará, the Federal University of Santa Catarina, the Federal Technological University of Paraná, the Federal University of Itajubá and the State University of Campinas.