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Telecommunication System in Brazil: The challenges to follow the technological advances


The Brazilian telecommunications market is booming. Therefore, a growing need to develop new technologies enabling to monitor such progress. Brazil, is considered the giant of Latin America, it is the fourth largest telecom market in the world, behind only the United States, China and Japan. This means that the industry must be aware of new technologies to ensure that technological innovations can quickly get to the final consumer. It is also important that the needs can be met with quality and at a speed that accompanies the growth and development of the sector. Such growth accompanies an increase in both advanced services as the increased ability to access. For this to occur, the connectivity service must go far beyond just providing voice and messaging services, it is also important to invest in infrastructure.

The most advanced technologies are being used to connect people around the world. Thus, research institutions, universities and companies in the industry sector are increasingly developing news technologies to meet the demand in this area. The differentiated services and new technologies offered, are increasingly getting importance to determine the telecom operator chosen by the customer.

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