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In an age where technology constantly invades our everyday lives, it’s not surprising to talk about its application in water quality control and its distribution networks.

Water is humanity most precious asset, which is why the United Nations (UN) has set 2013 as the ‘International Year of Water Cooperation’, aiming to raise awareness among the population to the problems of its scarcity and contamination. In specific in Brazil, the waste of water ally with the pollution of water sources and springs leads to a great concern about the country’s water future. Which raises the question: What should be done to preserve this precious asset? This question could have simple answers such as don’t pollute rivers and springs, don’t waste water, take control of losses in the water distribution networks … But in a day-by-day basis these situations are difficult to control.

As a response to this problem and many others, the Ministry of Environment, the National Bank for Economic and Social Development and the Financier of Studies and Projects launched the Programm Inova Sustentabilidade. This program aims to promote innovative solutions to reduce the impact of productive activities on the environment, introducing sustainability on the Brazilian development. INESC P & D Brazil together with other companies accepted this challenge: on one hand, in a joint initiative with CASAN the project “Monitoring of water quality: Remote System in “Real Time” and laboratory procedures” was presented, where through 14 modules the development of a remote monitoring system composed by water quality parameters evolution monitoring stations in real time is proposed; on the other hand, in a joint initiative with SANEAGO the project “Modeling of processes, automation and management of water treatment systems” was presented, which will use a total of 13 modules to develop an intelligent system of operation units for water treatment. These proposals, in its global vision, aim to ensure the sustainable future of water through the application of technology.

The area of Brazilian waters, like many others, could not escape the technological invasion. Technology is the future when speaking of the development of applied solutions to the problems related to the preservation of this precious resource, opening the way for sustainability of Brazilian waters.