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Workshop on Smart Grids Based Fiber Optic Sensor was held Campina Grande


The I Workshop on Smart Grids Based Fiber Optic Sensor Systems took place in the Federal University of Campina Grande (UFCG), between 19th and 21th of November.  The event ran within the framework of the IV Meeting of the Electric Systems Group, organized by the Group of Electrical Systems, Department of Electrical Engineering – UFCG, and was attended by professionals of the electrical companies, and speakers from brazilian and foreign universities.

This initiative served to disseminate among the academic community and electrical companies the INESC P&D Brasil project “Smart Grids based on Fiber Optic Sensors for Instrumentation of Structures and Components in Power Systems”, providing information about fiber-optics system applied to monitoring systems, in particular for the power grids. This action also allowed to establish contacts with other universities with complementary skills, aiming future collaboration, and interaction with industrial partners potentially interested in the development of this technology.

The main topics covered in the workshop were optical sensors for monitoring current and voltage measurement, electric system elements monitoring, Synchrophasor based monitoring systems, and advanced signal processing techniques applied to this field.

INESC P&D Brasil was represented by Vladimiro Miranda (President) and Mauro Rosa (S&T Director), Carlos Gouveia as a collaborator in the organization, and finally Pedro Jorge researcher of INESC TEC (Portugal) as invited speaker.