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The “Optimal Dispatch” project is a system based on optimization and measurement for preparing the dispatch of the generating units of hydropower plants.

It started in 2019 and its main purpose is to ensure the efficient dispatch of the generating units (GU) that make up the Santo Antônio hydropower plant (UHSA) according to their operating characteristics. It also suggests the reduction of other factors such as the start/shutdown of the GUs, thus reducing the aggregate maintenance costs. This entire process is carried out while ensuring compliance with the goals of the National System Operator (ONS).

The project is coordinated by INESC P&D Brasil, the Electrical Power System Planning Laboratory (LABPLAN) of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) and REIVAX S/A Automação e Controle. Also, it is financed by the company Santo Antônio Energia (SAE) in the Research and Development environment of the Electricity Regulatory Agency (ANEEL).