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ITCity Project

ITCity – An ICT platform for sustainable energy ecosystem in smart Cities


The ITCity project is aimed at responding to the citizens’ needs for new information technologies applications for various energy technologies usage, integrated in an intelligent way within a platform at a city level. The general expected results are based on the design of an intelligent ICT platform that will promote energy efficiency initiative in cities and municipalities, will contribute to urban planning and environmental lifestyle, will take part in active power management of energy consumption and will support energy end users who become active market players.

The creation of a platform for the direct communication with the consumer may also play an important role in the development and consolidation of smart cities, thus supporting the development of innovative services for the electricity market. Project results will also provide system users with solutions related to smart services and will ensure transparency for efficient use of the available resources related to the multi-energy vectors. The newly elaborated intelligent ICT platform will contribute to city energy ecosystem, and will improve city services and quality of life at transnational level.

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