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Big Data: The New Ambition of Brazilian Companies


Big Data is a term used to describe the large volume of data stored by companies in various fields of activities.  This term is gaining importance nowadays due to unprecedented increase of the amount of data generated, and the need to analyze all this data volume, in order to generate information that bring strategic advantages for companies and their business.

Finance and telecommunication companies are those seeking more Big Data solutions. Trade is also a branch that bet on Big Data. In addition, the Brazilian government is also very interested about the big data to better understand and look to the citizen.

Although there is a great desire and need for Big Data, difficulties in store, analyze and use all this volume of data has become a major challenge for companies. On the other hand, research institutions, universities and companies in data analysis segment, are increasingly developing new technologies to meet the demand in this area.

INESC P&D Brazil has a highly qualified staff in the area of Telecommunication and Information Technology, with experience in performing works of science, technology and innovation in the area of Big Data, being an important partner in this practice area.