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news5-0The Federal University of Campina Grande (UFCG) is the newest member of INESC Brazil, a cooperation network managed by INESC P&D Brasil (INESC R&D Brazil). The UFCG specializes in electronics and computer engineering and is one of the most important higher education institutions in the north and northeast of Brazil. This University is known for its quality standards for education, research and academic-scientific production.

This is, therefore, a “top quality ally “, according to Vladimiro Miranda, a director at INESC Porto. This connection became official after the signing of the three-fold Agreement between the UFCG, INESC TEC (coordinated by INESC Porto) and INESC R&D Brazil. This is an important step towards the cooperation between INESC TEC and INESC Brazil and to strengthen INESC TEC’s position in that country.

The good news came soon: the first research project in Brazil was approved for a company in the power sector, which joins consortium of institutions set up by the UFCG, INESC R&D Brazil and the Federal University of Pará(UFPA). The UFPA is already a member of the INESC Brazil network.

INESC R&D Brazil consolidates alliances

Other than the progressive formalization of universities joining INESC R&D Brazil, other alliances have been built to implement a robust R&D cooperation structure in Brazil similar to other structures in Europe. In September, the institution located in Santos (São Paulo), signed two more cooperation agreements to promote activities with the Parque Tecnológico Itaipu – PTI, a science and technology cluster in western Paraná, and with the Fundação Centros de Referência em Tecnologias Inovadoras – CERTI (the CERTI Foundation), a research and development organisation located in Florianópolis which provides specialized technological services.