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Monitoring parameters such as pressure and temperature, in real time, is of great interest in several fields of application in medicine. Optical fibers are an efficient technological solution for these applications due to properties such as: (a) bio-compatibility; (b) low thermal conductivity; (c) immunity to electromagnetic interferences; (d) easy adhesion to biological tissues; (e) small size and light weight; (f) remote operation capability; and (g) multiplexing capability. Optical fibers have been used as sensors on biomechanical and biomedical applications such as intravascular, intracardiac, intracompartamental, intramuscular and intracranial pressure measurements, among others. Also, optical fibers have been used for measuring other parameters, such as temperature, force, strain and position in application fields such as micro-surgery, cardiac and respiratory monitoring, robotic surgery, magnetic resonance imagology procedures and analysis of the mechanical properties of tissues. Optical fibers allow real-time monitoring, making it possible to take corrective and preventive measures immediately, an advantage that is shown to be ever more important in applications in biomedicine.

The project aims to develop transducers based on optical fibers, in particular microstructured fibers, for sensing applications in medicine areas, in particular in biomedical instrumentation.

The sensing systems will be designed using interferometric structures based on microstructured fibers, been both customized for biomedical applications. In order to obtain the desired structures the development of interferometric sensors will be carried out, for temperature, pressure, displacement and strain measurements. The characterization of these interferometric sensors will be made, as well as the development of the adapted interrogation system, to each sensor and their particular application.

The main expected outputs of this project are:

  • New interferometric sensors based on microstructured fibers;
  • New interrogation systems for sensing;
  • Sensing systems adapted to biomedical applications.

Entities Involved

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