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André Scolari

Robotic and Sensors

Short CV – André Scolari
Brazil, Bahia, Salvador, June 2016.

André Gustavo Scolari Conceição received the B.S. and M.S. degrees in electrical engineering from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil, in 2001 and 2004, respectively, and the Ph.D. degree in electrical and computer engineering from Oporto University, Oporto, Portugal, in 2007. In 2013, he spent a sabbatical year in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science – Queensland University of Technology – QUT, Brisbane, Australia. In 2016, he was visiting professor at Politecnico de Milano – POLIMI , Milan, Italy. His main research interests include mobile robotics, multirobot systems, sensor fusion, state and parameter estimation, process control, and vehicle dynamics. Since 2009, he is a full professor at Department of Electrical Engineering, Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), Salvador, Brazil. From 2010 to 2012, he was coordinator of the Graduation Course in Computer Engineering at UFBA, and from 2015 to 2017 vice-coordinator of the UFBA Post-Graduation, Master and Doctorate Programs in Electrical Engineering. Additionally he is a researcher in the Robotics and Sensors research area of INESC P&D Brasil.

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