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Enio Emanuel Ramos Russo

Oil & Gas

Short CV – Enio Emanuel Ramos Russo

09/2019, Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brasil.

Enio Emanuel Ramos Russo was born in 1961 in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He holds an undergraduate degree in Electronic Engineering from the Military Engineering Institute – IME (1983), a master’s degree in Applied Mathematics (Operational Research) from the National Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics Association – IMPA (1988), a master’s degree in Computer Sciences (Graphic Computing) from Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro – PUC-Rio (1988), a PhD in Computer Sciences (Virtual Collaborative Work Spaces) from Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro – PUC-Rio and from the University of Salford, Manchester, United Kingdom (2006) and a Post-Doctorate in Predictive Maintenance from INESC TEC in Portugal (2018). Currently, he is enrroled at the Post-Doctorate program in Big Data applied to Predictive Maintenance at Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC). In 1982 and 1983, he worked as an intern at TELERJ – Telecommunications of Rio de Janeiro. Still in 1983, he started as an intern at Esso Brasileira de Petróleo, and was hired for a full-time position in the same year and stayed there until 1987. In that year, he enters Petrobras through a public notice, where he worked for more than 30 years until 2017: from 1987 to 2006, he worked at its Research and Development Center (CENPES) in the fields of Computer, Reservoirs and Production Engineering, becoming its Information Manager (Computer plus Library)from 2003 to 2004, and assembled Latin America’s first 3D visualization room in the area of Oil and Gas in 1998, and Petrobras’ first Engineering 3D visualization room in 2003; from 2006 to 2007, he worked in the Supply area, as an oil trader; from 2007 to 2012, he worked in the Exploration and Production area, where he held the position of National GeDIg (Integrated Digital Management of Oil Fields) Coordinator and the National GIOp (Integrated  Operations Management) Vice Coordinator; in 2012 he returned to CENPES, in the Technology and Logistics Operations Optimization (TOOL) Management, and later in the Logistics and Optimization (LO) Management, where he coordinated 8 projects in the Exploration and Production area, remarkably in the Operational Simulation System of the Gas Network of the Pre Salt of Santos Bay, the Production Optimization of Oil Wells of the P-50 Platform, in partnership with TNO Organisation and Delft University of Technology in Netherlands, and Analysis of Planned Production Stop Projects, in partnership with UFRJ, with boarding in 6 platforms. In 2017, he retired from Petrobras and started working as a researcher at INESC TEC, Portugal, and at INESC Brazil, in Florianopolis, where he is the current Oil and Gas Business Area Coordinator. Enio Russo was co-founder of PUC-RIO’s Tecgraf and its coordinator during its first 11 years, he published and presented several articles and lectures in international congresses in the computing, engineering, and oil & gas areas, in addition of having published 2 chapters in Virtual Reality books. His current research interests are: Big Data, Predictive Maintenance, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Optimization, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

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