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Joice Pinho Maciel

Environment and health

Short CV – Joice Pinho Maciel

06/2019, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil.

PhD Student in Civil Engineering, Solid Residues Management. Master’s degree in Social Sciences from Vale do Rio dos Sinos University (UNISINOS), specialist in Environmental and Social Management, with an undergraduate degree in Environmental Management. She is ISO 14001 lead auditor by BSI Management Systems and by Instituto Lixo Zero Brasil/ZWIA – Zero Waste International Alliance, an international movement of organizations that develop the concept and principles of Zero Waste around the world. She has experience in the integrated management of solid residues, municipal selective waste collection and cooperative management for recycling unities. Among the main projects executed, are the following: social and technical monitoring of sorting and recycling in Manaus, Porto Alegre and Vale dos Sinos Region/RS, environmental certification from Center of Technological Analysis, Research and Innovation – FUCAPI and Steel from Amazon; Vínculo de Negócios Sustentáveis Project (Bond of Sustainable Business Deals Project) carried out through Ethos Institute, Dom Cabral Foundation and UNCTAD for the ISO 14001 environmental certification of Philips company’s chain of suppliers in Amazon. She has worked at the São Leopoldo Municipal Secretary of Education in environmental education and scientific initiation projects in elementary education and at the Municipal Service of Water and Sewer as an environmental planning assessor. She is co-founder of Apoena Socioambiental and Projeto Remada Ambiental/Manaus and São Leopoldo, a volunteer of Projeto Verde Sinos da Bacia Hidrográfica do Rio dos Sinos (COMITESINOS) and of Projeto Observando os Rios da Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica.

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