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Mathaus Silva

Mathaus Silva

Energy and Production

Short CV – Mathaus Silva

30/09/2018, Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

He is currently enrolled at the PhD in Electric Engineering Program at Juiz de Fora Federal University (UFJF), Master in Electric Engineering at Juiz de Fora Federal University (UFJF), Engineer of Control and Automation, graduated at the Federal Center of Technology Education of Minas Gerais (CEFET – MG). He has lived in France for three months where he had his internship in the robotics nucleus of the Joseph Fourier University, developing competition robots. He currently works with research and development (R&D) projects in the field of robotics at Juiz de Fora Federal University (UFJF) with emphasis in the areas of autonomous unmanned vehicles of the Drone type.

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