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Milton Cinelli

Robotic and Sensors

Short CV – Milton Cinelli

30/09/2018, Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

He holds an undergraduate degree in Physics from Santa Catarina Federal University (1989), a master’s degree in Physics from Santa Catarina Federal University (1992) and a PhD in Chimie Physique Option Matériaux – Université de Limoges – France (1996). He is an Associate Professor and Permanent Professor of the Post-Graduation Program in Design in the Physical Interfaces and Interactions field of Santa Catarina State University. He has experience in the Physics area, mainly working with the following subjects: Assisting Technologies, Metrology, General Lab Techniques, Instrumentation System. Coordinator of Institutional Research of UDESC 2010-2016. He has worked as researcher/inventor in the development project of the electronic cane, which resulted in the attainment of the patent, brand and industrial design.

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