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Tarso Vilela

Tarso Vilela Ferreira

Energy and Production

Short CV – Tarso Vilela Ferreira

30/09/2018, Aracaju, Sergipe Brazil.

He was born in Aracaju, Sergipe, Brazil, in July of 1980. He holds an undergraduate degree (2005), a master’s degree (2007) and a PhD (2011) in Electrical Engineering, all acquired at Campina Grande Federal University (UFCG). He currently is a professor at the Electrical Engineering Department of Sergipe Federal University (UFS) and member of the Post-Graduation Electrical Engineering Programs of UFS and UFCG. He has developed works that involves, among other themes: monitoring of electrical equipment based on ultrasounds, radio interference, partial discharges, infrared and ultraviolet; acquisition of data; artificial intelligence; geoprocessing applied to renewable energies; grounding; computer simulations of electromagnetic fields and multiphysics.

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