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ROV Project

The Project named “Development of Remotely Operated Mechatronic Systems for Cleaning and Inspection of Stanchion and Sealing Threshold of Hydroelectric Power Stations StopLogs” was launched in November 2018, and it aims to achieve three products: the development of a “Remotely Operated Vehicle” (Codename ROV), construction of Transportation and Operation Towable Vehicles (VRT and VRO) and of the ROV Supporting Beam (VSR). The ROV will be employed in the inspection and withdrawal of small residues, such as tree branches and sediments, at the sealing threshold of Hydroelectric Power Stations StopLogs, with the assistance of sonars and cleaning artefacts, with robotic arms and brushes. The VRT and VRO vehicles will be employed in the transportation, storage, hoist, operation and ROV control. The built VSR beam will work as an alternative for the ROV movement with the StopLogs, in this case, the ROV will be adapted to the VSR for facilitated control and movement over the threshold rails.

Project coordination is carried out by INESC P&D Brazil and by Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF), with the support from Fundação de Apoio e Desenvolvimento ao Ensino, Pesquisa e Extensão – FADEPE (Foundation of Support and Development to Teaching, Research and Extension).

The project is funded by the company Santo Antônio Energia in the Research and Development environment of the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency (ANEEL) and is expected to be concluded in July 2020.

Products under development:

1°) ROV


2°) VRT e VRO


3°) VSR