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INESC TEC and INESC P&D Brasil participated in the 11th edition of the Brazilian Congress of Agri-Informatics (SBIAgro 2017), which[...]

INESC P&D Brasil started its Scholarship Program

On August 2018, INESC P&D Brazil initiated its Grants Program. Through this program, grant opportunities will be offered to researchers[...]


The project AUTOMON – Automated Monitoring of Water Resources – started off in January 2018. It was developed in Brazil in[...]

INESC P&D Brasil hosted the II MNEmerge Workshop “Social-Economic Impact of Multinational Enterprises in Developing Countries”

The workshop took place on November 21st at UFSC`s Trindade Campus and counted with the participation of the international partners[...]

INESC P&D Brasil is a partner in a research project developed by REN – Redes Energéticas de Portugal – and INESC TEC

The large scale integration of renewable energies in a country’s energy matrix impacts on its supply safety. INESC TEC, alongside[...]

INESC P&D Brasil visits the Community Production Centre of Linha Betânia in the scope of the European project MNEmerge

The European project ‘MNEmerge’ explores the role of multinational enterprises (MNE) in confronting the global development challenges, providing a comparison[...]

INESC P&D Brasil is introduced to the Smart Grid Center of TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY

INESC P&D Brazil (IB) joined the anual evaluation meeting of the Smart Grid Center Advisory Board at the Texas A&M[...]

TECCON II – Technology for Smart Grids

TECCON II – Technology for Smart Grids, is a research project led by INESC P&D Brasil, framed within the R&D[...]

INESC P&D Brasil hosts the Joint Brazilian–ELECTRA Smart Grids Workshop “Towards International Cooperation” and joins as a member of ELECTRA IRP International Coordination Board

The Joint Brazilian – ELECTRA Smart Grids Workshop “Towards International Cooperation” took place on November 11th and 12th at UFSC`s[...]

Malaria: The Need for New Solutions

Malaria is an acute febrile infectious disease, to which almost 50% of the world population is exposed in more than[...]

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