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TECCON II – Technology for Smart Grids

TECCON II – Technology for Smart Grids, is a research project led by INESC P&D Brasil, framed within the R&D[...]

INESC P&D Brasil hosts the Joint Brazilian–ELECTRA Smart Grids Workshop “Towards International Cooperation” and joins as a member of ELECTRA IRP International Coordination Board

The Joint Brazilian – ELECTRA Smart Grids Workshop “Towards International Cooperation” took place on November 11th and 12th at UFSC`s[...]

Malaria: The Need for New Solutions

Malaria is an acute febrile infectious disease, to which almost 50% of the world population is exposed in more than[...]

INESC P&D Brazil signs cooperation protocol with R&D Laboratory of Macau

INESC P&D Brazil signed on January 16, a protocol of cooperation with the Chinese State Key Laboratory of Analog and[...]

Brazil’s Water Supply: Medium and long-term solutions

Water is the most plentiful natural resource on the planet, covering about two-thirds of its surface. However, only about 2%[...]

Big Data: The New Ambition of Brazilian Companies

Big Data is a term used to describe the large volume of data stored by companies in various fields of[...]

Solar and wind power compete in microgeneration

The microgeneration energy through solar and wind renewable sources is becoming reality in Brazil. It has been motivated by several[...]

Deep Water: A new barrier in the inspection of underwater infrastructure

The undeniable Brazilian vocation for oil extraction of seabed, and the need to exploit resources increasingly far from the coast[...]

Workshop on Smart Grids Based Fiber Optic Sensor was held Campina Grande

The I Workshop on Smart Grids Based Fiber Optic Sensor Systems took place in the Federal University of Campina Grande[...]

INESC P&D Brazil organizes Workshop on Strategic Planning

The first “Workshop on Strategic Planning of INESC P & D Brazil (IB)” took place in Florianópolis, on 4th and[...]

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